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How Bollywood Actor Irfan Khan Died

Irfan Khan is Popular Actor in Bollywood. He is born in Rajasthan for Muslim family. Irfan’s Date of Birth 7 January 1997 and Died for Wednesday 29 April 2020. Irfan Khan Age 53 years due to cancer.

Irfan Khan Rajasthan Village Tonk and Father’s Business is Tire. Irfan Khan used to call his name in something else, so he left his village in his childhood and Bollywood film City Agye then he played a role in a fetish film and made many films himself and many of his films were super hits.

Irfan Khan never saw any religion in the midst of any kind of Hindu Muslim, nor did he ever believe in selling God and selling the religion.

He used to do all the worship till LeRaj Roja and did not hesitate to take the name of God, he used to do what he liked, in many of the films he has made on the Hindu, in which he has a very good faith towards God in the film.

Most Popular Hit Film List Irfan Khan

  • The Warrior (2002)
  • The Darjeeling (2007)
  • The Namesake (2006)
  • Slumdog Millionaire (2008)
  • Krazzy 4 (2008)
  • Chamku (2008)
  • New York (2009)
  • Billu Barbar (2009)
  • Paan Singh Tomar (2010)
  • Life of Pi (2012)
  • Qissa: The Tale of a Lonely Ghost (2013)
  • D-Day (2013)
  • The Lunchbox (2013)
  • Piku (2015)
  • Jazbaa (2015)
  • Madaari (2015)
  • The Song of Scorpions (2017)
  • Qurib Qurib Singlle (2017)
  • Hindi Medium (2017)
  • Puzzle (2018)
  • Karwaan (2018)
  • Blackmail (2018)
  • Angrezi Medium (2020)

It was all Irrfan Khan’s hit movies, in which Irrfan Khan did a lot of acting with many actors and put 7 moons in his movie, we will not forget the actor who made Bollywood so good and so much better.

But what should we do now that Irfan Khan is not a good actor among us, he calmed down in the afternoon on Wednesday, April 29, 2020, but this country will not forget his spirit and all his movies.


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How Bollywood Actor Irfan Khan Died

Irfan Khan is Popular Actor in Bollywood. He is born in Rajasthan for Muslim family. Irfan's Date of Birth 7 January 1997 and Died...

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