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How To Use Zoom App Security in Government

Video conferencing Zoom App has become very popular among lockdowns. People are using it for office meetings, teachers online classes. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Home Affairs issued advisory for the zoom app and warned the users of this app to use it. At the same time, feedback has been given from the app.

The Zoom app has given its response to the advisory issued by the government. Zoom app has claimed that the app takes user security very seriously. The CEO of the company says that it assures users that they are committed to their privacy and security and will overcome this problem with the help of 90-day feature fix.

The spokesperson of the app has said that a large number of global agencies from the world’s largest financial services companies and telecom companies to non-governmental organizations and government agencies have tested our security and continue to use this app.

  1. Government had issued Advisory: Earlier, the Ministry of Home Affairs had issued advisory about this app. The government has issued this advisory for those people who use this app for personal work. In its advisory, the Ministry of Home Affairs has said that this app is not a secure platform for social media.
  2. Know the dangers of the Zoom app: Using this app, users are being asked to avoid it because without your will, a third person can join the video conference through the Zoom app. Your personal data can be easily stolen. Not only that, what you are talking about, that video calling can also be hacked. Through this app, anyone can read your important message.
  3. What the government has advised: In view of these threats, the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a new guideline on the use of the zoom app, showing strictness. According to its guidelines, now users use a new user ID and password for every meeting. Enable the waiting room feature so that any user can join the call when the conferencer gives permission.

With this, it has been said that disable the join option. Only keep screen sharing option with the host. Keep the option of Reswine off for someone. Use the file transfer option to a minimum.

This is not the first time that the Indian government agency has warned users against using the popular video conferencing app. Earlier this month, the Computer Emergency Response Team of India (Certificate-in) issued an advisory regarding the security issues of the app. The advisor asked zoom app users to use security features such as waiting rooms and scheduling privileges while using the video conferencing platform.


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