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Madhya Pradesh: Crisis continues on Kamal Nath government, now Congress MLA sent to Bengaluru

Mid-night show of legislators’ tussle between Congress and BJP in Madhya Pradesh was seen at ITC Resort in Manesar, Gurugram. On Tuesday night, Jitu Patwari and Jayawardhan Singh, ministers in the Madhya Pradesh government, arrived at ITC Resort in Gurugram to pick up the Congress MLAs. The pictures showed that Patwari and Jayawardhan are leaving the hotel with MLAs. Meanwhile, there was a debate between the legislators and the people present there.

After this, Madhya Pradesh ministers and Congress leaders Jitu Patwari and Jayawardhan Singh left ITC Resort in Manesar, Gurugram. He was accompanied by suspended MLA from BSP Ramabai. But now it is reported that four Congress MLAs have been sent to Bengaluru. Madhya Pradesh has a total of 230 assembly seats. Two seats are vacant at this time. Therefore, there are a total of 228 seats in the assembly. There is a majority of 115 seats in the MP assembly of 228 seats. BJP has 107 MLAs. The BJP has 105 MLAs at present, as two MLAs rebel. The Congress has 114 MLAs. And the Congress has a total of 121 MLAs, including 7 other MLAs.

Now understand BJP’s mathematics

Madhya Pradesh Congress MLAs Bisahu Lal Singh, Hardeep Singh Dung, Raghuraj Singh Kansana and Independent MLA Surendra Singh Shera have been sent to Bangalore. It is believed that these MLAs are with the BJP.

The motive behind the political turmoil in Madhya Pradesh

Three seats of Rajya Sabha are being vacated in Madhya Pradesh. Congress and BJP can easily win on one seat each. But the screw is getting stuck on the third seat. Therefore, both parties are trying to win two seats of Rajya Sabha in Madhya Pradesh. BJP is trying to get cross voting from Congress MLAs. Due to which the Congress government of Madhya Pradesh can be made uncomfortable in the Rajya Sabha elections.

BJP rejects Congress allegations

In Madhya Pradesh, BJP state president VD Sharma has dismissed all Congress allegations. VD Sharma says that the BJP has nothing to do with this, it is the conscience of the Congress.

Digvijay Singh accused BJP on Tuesday

Let us know that on Tuesday morning, Congress veteran Digvijay Singh had claimed that the BJP wants to topple the Congress government of Madhya Pradesh. Digvijay Singh also said that the BJP wants to buy MLAs by paying money. Digvijay Singh claimed that former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan and another senior BJP leader Narottam Mishra are trying to woo Congress MLAs by paying Rs 25-35 crore.

In this regard, Chief Minister Kamal Nath himself said that there is no threat to his government. Kamal Nath also said that he has told his legislators that if they get money for free, then take it. Let me tell you, in July last year, Leader of the Opposition Gopal Bhargava had attacked the Kamal Nath government in the state assembly and said, ‘There is an order from above. Your government will not survive.


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