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PM Modi Ji Big Package for India Population

India Prime Minister Modi came to the country for the fifth time in 54 days on Tuesday. In his address, he said four important things.

The country has to become self-sufficient. Secondly, a package of 20 lakh crore rupees will be given for self-reliant India campaign. Thirdly, in the path of becoming self-reliant, we have to adopt local products.

PM Modi Ji Big Package People lost their relatives in India

Prime Minister Modi started his address to the country and said, “Respectfully greet all the countrymen. The world has now passed more than four months, coping with corona infection. During this period more than 42 lakh people from all countries have been infected with Corona. More than 1.75 million people have died tragically. In India too, many families have lost their relatives. I express my condolences to all.

India PM Modi Ji Devastated Corona Virus the world

Friends! A virus has destroyed the world. Crores of lives around the world are facing a crisis. The whole world is engaged in a battle to save lives. We have not seen or heard such a crisis. Certainly all this is unimaginable for mankind. This Crisis is unprecedented, but tired, losing, breaking, shattering, is not acceptable to human beings. Being vigilant, following all the rules of such war, we now have to escape and also move forward.

India PM Modi Ji The resolution will also be bigger than the crisis

Today when the world is in crisis, we have to strengthen our resolve, our resolve will also be greater than this crisis. Friends! We have continuously heard from the last century that the 21st century belongs to India. We have a chance to understand the world before Corona, to see global systems. Even after the Corona crisis, the conditions in the world are being created, we are also constantly watching. Today’s state of the world teaches us that its path is one, self-reliant India. The same is said in our scriptures here. Such a big disaster has brought a signal, a message, an opportunity for India.

India PM Modi Ji turns disaster into opportunity

I’m telling you with an example. When the Corona crisis started, there was not a single PPE kit made in India. The N-95 masks were nominally produced in India. Today the situation is that two lakh PPE and two lakh N-95 masks are being made in India every day. We were able to do this because India turned disaster into opportunity. India’s vision of doing so is going to be equally effective for our resolve of a self-reliant India.

India PM Modi Ji Speak for Only Made In India Product Purches

Today again India is progressing successfully towards development, even then the path of world welfare is firm. At the beginning of this century there was a y2k crisis. The scientists of India had brought the world out of this crisis. Today we have the means, the power, the best talent in the world. We will make the best product. Will improve its quality even more. Will make the supply chain more modern. We can do this and we will definitely do it.

PM Modi 3 Important Point In Speech

Self-reliant India: Modi said I have seen the Kutch earthquake with my own eyes. Only debris is debris everywhere. Everything was destroyed. It seemed as if Kutch slept with a sheet of death. In that situation no one could have imagined that the condition would ever change. But upon seeing Kutch stood up. Kutch continued to grow. This is the determination power of us Indians. If we are determined then no goal is impossible, no path is difficult. And today there is a will, there is a way. This is to make India self-reliant.

Self-Reliant 5 pillars of India: India can become self-reliant. This grand building stands on five pillars.

  • Economy: An economy that brought quantum jump, not incremental change.
  • Infrastructure: An infrastructure that became the identity of modern India.
  • System: A system that is not based on the technology of the 21st century, but based on the technology driving system of the 21st century.
  • Demography: Demography of the world’s largest democracy is the source of our energy for self-reliant India.
  • Demand: Its cycle and its strength need to be used. “

India Special Economic Package: To increase the demand in the country and fulfill it, every stakeholder in our supply chain needs to be empowered. We will strengthen our supply chain, which has the smell of the soil of my country. May the fragrance of our workers sweat. Facing the Corona crisis, I am announcing today a special economic package of 20 lakh crore rupees. This economic package will serve as an important link for the self-reliant India campaign.

What PM Modi give a special package in India Popolation?

  1. According to the Prime Minister, this package of 20 lakh crore rupees is about 10 percent of India’s GDP. Through all this, various sections of the country will get the support and support of Rs 20 lakh crore to the links of the economic system.
  2. This package will give a new impetus to the country’s development journey in 2020 and the self-reliant India campaign. Land, labor, liquids and law… all have been emphasized in this package to prove the resolve of self-reliant India.
  3. Modi said that the economic package is for our cottage industries, home industries, small scale industries, MSMEs, which are the means of livelihood of crores of people.
  4. The economic package is for the laborer of the country, for the farmer, who is working day and night for the countrymen in every situation and every season. This package is for the middle class of the country, which pays taxes honestly. this


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