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Corona Gave Salty Makers a Blow of Crores

The Corona virus has had a bad effect on the salty of MP, famous in the country as well as abroad. The city’s retailer Namkeen business suffered a setback of more than crores due to the lockdown. In such a situation, snake buffs are also reminded of snacks. Whose demand is now increasing on the phone. Now salted snacks have started requesting salt manufacturers that if all of them talk to the district administration, then maybe some solution can be found, if the permission is given, the traders can also start the service of home delivery without opening the shop.

The lockdown, which has been implemented for the last nearly 45 days to prevent the infection of Corona, has cost the city salty business millions of rupees. There are about 300 small shops of Namkeen across the city. Where three thousand kilograms of snacks are produced daily. About 2000 families are directly and indirectly connected with the production and sale of Namkeen. These are not just salt merchants, but long chain like artisans, laborers, salesmen, marketing staff, loading, transport, retailer, rural kherchi shopkeepers, pulses, gram flour, oil, spices, packing industry, mill workers.

  • Fond want keep getting salty: Namkeen enthusiasts of the city want that the lockout was mandatory for the country, there are no two opinions about it, but the government had to make at least a few weeks after the food industry to make some arrangement about which the salt snackers will get salty. Now a package must be announced to salvage something like namkeen. Also home delivery of limited business of Namkeen should be allowed.
  • No one considered home delivery: In the same way home delivery of ration as well as other essential items is being done by the administration. In view of this, neither the traders of Namkeen have discussed with the Collector nor the administration has considered it. Traders should demand that some traders be allowed to take home delivery. They can then start work if the administration allows them home delivery.
  • Demand in country and abroad too: The Malwa, which was once known as dag-dag roti, pag-pag neer, is now also known for salty. Ratlam and Indore are also famous for salty along with Ujjain. The salty of the city is also sent abroad. If someone who goes out of Ujjain walks or goes in kinship, he takes salty with him, then on coming to Ujjain, the guest is definitely offered salty. Ujjainis who are settled abroad take salty of six months with salty when they come here.

Vegetable filler is a snake-salted

  1. Due to the lockdown, the wholesale vegetable market has been completely closed by the administration at present. The cityman is upset due to lack of vegetable supply. In such a situation, if the permission of selling salt snacks is obtained, then it will become a supplement to the vegetable. Many salt merchants can supply snacks through home delivery. In the same way as the administration has issued the grocery milk passes to the medical operators, in the same way issue the passes to the snacks traders.
  2. The administration should also start distributing salty, like milk. Do not give trade discount by opening shop but can add it by home delivery. This will help the business to maintain its existence.
  3. The administration should also allow some time to open shops. There are many problems in home delivery. The lockdown has caused considerable damage. If allowed, we can make home delivery is ready.


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